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About Us
About Us


Development History

Best Innovation Development(HK) Limited Co., LTD., Founded in 2015, our team is full of passion. We bring ideas and new vision to new designs and then incorporate them into our products. During the design process, we listen to the customer's demands, understand their demands from the customer's point of view and combine their special requirements, find the corresponding solution, convince customers that we are a strong and worthwhile partnership.
August 2019 , Best Innovation Development (HK) Limited Co., LTD. and Dongguan Kaiyue plastic hardware Co., LTD., merger integration, the original company called Best Innovation Development(HK) Limited Co., LTD., officially renamed Dongguan Gaddis Technology Co., LTD., make up for the shortcoming that only development and sales without produce on original times, really achieve integration development/sales/production/service industry and trade integration enterprise.


Company Introduction

Passion means: "passion; enthusiasm;ardently love". We are a passionate team that loves research and design. We bring creativity and new vision to new designs and integrate creativity into products. Our team is young and creativity. What the company advocates is the spirit of free innovation and continuous improvement.Design first, service first, think what customers think, with a professional design concept to provide customers with highlights on the product; Think what customers think, with a keen market sense of smell for customers to bring profits in marketing! To meet the design needs of customers, attach importance to the quality of product design, adapt to the changing market needs, and constantly adjust the company's macro and long-term development strategy. Our company's products just have been promoted by a few media, and we put our energy and existing funds into the production, so as to win the future market. The leading design of children's products is to make children play differently, the public praise of consumers is our sales strategy, the new design and production concept is to ensure stable product quality.

BEST Core: What we do is, when customers think of something under various tasks, they think of us first. If the design is a profession, it is more like a way of life. It is a way of life that loves life and pursues perfection. Design is everywhere in life. We are such a team. Our design, development and production cover children's products, multi-functional 2-in-1 balanced toddler scooter, 3C electric scooter and other products, and we have applied for various external structure invention patents at home and abroad.

Team introduction

Mingxun Lv

Company product director, team technical director

2008-2015 Manager of product development Department of Shenzhen Xinlong Industrial Group Co., LTD.

2015 To open Best Innovation Development (HK) Limited Co., LTD.

From Taipei, Taiwan, he has many years of experience as the chief engineer of child buggy product development and accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in designing sports and rehabilitation equipment. Designed and developed strollers for international brands such as RadioFlyer, YVolutio and Mi-CRo; The main target market of the company is European and American countries, and its products have been patented in the United States and the European Union.


Cooperative Partner