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2-6 Years Old Kids Balance Bike

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Update time : 2021-07-23 16:13:44
The kids balance Bike is a simple bicycle. It has no pedals, no transmission chain, and most of them have no brakes. The body balances by sliding on the ground with two feet. The sliding speed is slow, easy to control, and there is almost no possibility of falling at high speed. It is a "transit tool" very suitable for 2-6 year old babies.

When babies exercise big movements, cycling is a good way of exercise for them, which can improve leg strength and balance ability. Balance ability refers to the body's ability to coordinate with various stimuli from vestibular organs, muscles, tendons, joints, and vision.

Balance training can strengthen vestibular function, promote brain development, exercise muscle strength and joint flexibility, strengthen muscle stretchability, improve sensory integration capabilities, and promote physical and mental health and comprehensive development of infants and young children.

Studies have found that children’s balance ability develops fastest at the age of 2-6. This period is a sensitive and critical period for the development of balance ability, and the growth rate of balance ability of 3-4 year olds is greater than that of 4-6 year olds.

European experts have confirmed that kids balance bicycle can train the baby’s sense of balance early, give the leg muscles correct and sufficient stimulation, and improve the baby’s mental and physical balance; the baby balance bike, which is tailor-made for 2-6 year-old babies, is designed for babies to contact riding. The first set of equipment. The sense of accomplishment and the cultivation of independence brought by the first two-wheeled vehicle that I learned to drive can greatly affect the building of children's self-confidence and concentration.