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3 In 1 Kids Scooter, Enjoy Parent-Child Time

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Update time : 2021-09-14 15:43:52

With the country’s opening up of second and third births in recent years, many families have ushered in their own second and third babies, and the children’s products market is also following this trend and has been constantly developing new products. In fact, children There is no shortage of new products in the market. What is lacking is products that can really suit children. Recently, there is a 3 In 1 Kids Scooter that is very popular. This 3 In 1 Kids Scooter is suitable for ages 1-5 and has three different modes that can be combined. , Is an indispensable weapon for the family, and also an artifact of Baoma's baby-sliding.

For children’s products, what is the most important, it must be material safety and simple assembly. This Gaddis children’s scooter is still very good from the appearance design. First of all, let’s take a look at the color. The color is currently Mainly blue, relatively popular, suitable for both male and female babies. The design concept of the whole vehicle is based on child safety. It can be seen that an anti-collision liner is designed in the front, which can effectively cushion the strong shock caused by accidental impact, thereby preventing the child from falling while playing.

The overall structure of the bottom can be said to be very firm, and all adopt a reinforced design, which can ensure the child's load-bearing capacity. Although the applicable age of this children's scooter is 1-5 years old, the load-bearing capacity of the pedal is up to 30kg, which has exceeded the applicable age range, so the overall safety is still good.