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Features Of Kids Balance Bicycle

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Update time : 2021-07-23 15:34:33
The Kids Balance Bicycle exercise is called "puzzle exercise" by the medical profession. Through the whole body muscle exercise, the body is in an active and relaxed state, which promotes the development of the cerebellum, thereby promoting the development of the brain and improving intelligence.

Features of Kids Balance Bicycle:
1. Common balance exercise tools in Europe: When children are 2 years old, they can use tools to develop their physical skills and balance ability. It is a good way to practice riding a balance bike. This is the most commonly used by children aged 2-5 in European countries. A tool to train children’s sense of balance and hand-eye-brain-limb coordination skills,

2. Promote the development of the vestibule and cerebellum: The children’s balance bike is used by children to hold the handlebars in a standing manner with both hands and feet on the ground, which can strengthen the muscles of the legs and exercise the baby’s hand-eye-brain coordination ability. There is no vestibule and cerebellum. With normal function, it is impossible to maintain the balance of the body while standing and the forward movement of the balance car. Therefore, the movement of the balance car can promote the development of children's vestibular function and the development of the cerebellum.

3. Controlling the speed with your feet on the ground: Different from bicycles and scooters, the baby’s feet are on the ground while the baby’s legs are on the ground during exercise. This allows the baby’s limbs to be balanced and exercised at the same time. Babies are more secure. The most important thing is that the balance bike allows children to independently control the sliding speed, feel the gradual changes in speed, gradually increase the speed of movement, improve their brain and limb coordination and balance ability, exercise the child's courage, so that the child is more Have confidence.

In addition, the balance bike exercise can help children stay away from the harm of TV and the Internet, strengthen their physical fitness and improve immunity. Promote body balance, coordination, flexibility, and develop the ability to be independent.

Treat kyphosis to prevent myopia. Riding a balance bike requires an upright back and back. Riding a balance bike often can prevent hunchback and myopia. Adolescents can correct kyphosis and slight lateral curvature of the spine in about 2 months so that the eyes and books can be kept at an appropriate distance to prevent myopia.

Children's balance bikes can not only exercise the body, but also cultivate self-confidence, bravery, and strong character. It has a great influence on the child's body and mind. It is a good children's sport.