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Kids Balance Bike, Two-In-One Mobility Sports

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Update time : 2021-09-14 11:42:06

When going out for a baby walk, I often see children riding kids balance bikes in communities, parks, and shopping malls. They are flexible and cool, and I am envious of them every time.

Compared with traditional bicycles, children balance bikes do not have chains and pedals, and rely on children to use their feet to continuously and alternately pedal the ground to provide power for sliding forward!

It can not only exercise children's lower limb strength, body balance, but also enhance leg strength and mental response.

In addition, the age of 1.5 to 6 is the critical period for cultivating children's sense of balance. Therefore, more and more families start with children balance bikes. It integrates fun and exercise, and both adults and children love it!

A mother compared the popular models of multiple brands on the Internet, did a series of homework, shop around, and finally started this Gaddis baby balance bike.

It not only has good performance and moderate price, it meets all the mother's requirements for the balance bike, and more importantly, the new bike is quick to get started, and the baby will love it the first time it rides!

In general, it has these advantages:
① Long service life, 80~120 cm tall can be used
② The body is light, using reinforced nylon fiberglass material, one-piece molding, round and burr-free
③ Using competitive tires, both mobility and competition can be satisfied
④ Only one screw is needed for installation, so mom can get started