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The Play Of Kids Scooter

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Update time : 2021-08-16 09:58:00
Custom kids kick scooter is the perfect scooter designed to help balance and coordinate development. In addition, the height of the handlebars is adjustable so children can continue to play as they grow. With a low-vibration anti-sway handle, simple folding technology and rubber handles, it provides comfort on urban terrain, and this custom kids kick scooter can be operated as needed.

Method One:
First foot in the front of the skateboard, the other foot tread on the ground, slide forward. Then the other pedal is on the back of the skateboard. By the waist and two big legs sway around, making the skateboard forward direction called S word.

Method Two:
At the same time pedal the front and back part of the skateboard, and then instantaneous body forward, with the help of inertia before he, movement, glide. Then, by the waist and two big legs of the left and right swing, as well as the pedal to the left and right, making the skateboard forward direction s word.

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